Sunday, January 25, 2009

15) Halloween Dr. Romanelli 2008 100% Set of 2/ 400%

If you read my profile, you should know that I am not a 400% collector. However, if I found the materials and design of 400% bearbrick are very interesting, I will consider to keep it.

Halloween Dr. Romanelli is one of the 400% I would like to keep. What's the special that it attracted me to keep it? The crystal clear material, the see through design, the details of the printing and the cute bandage on the head, those are the attractive things that admired me.

Although the design itself is very scary, the cute bandage on the head gives a little humor and makes the whole thing not that scary.

Friday, January 23, 2009

14) My First B@by Colette Be@rbrick ~ Got It Finally ~

My First B@by Colette 100% / 400% Be@rbrick were launched on Dec, 2008 with quantities 800 pieces worldwide. However, we can just find a few set in the market when the time they launched...and the prices were extremely high. I am very lucky that with the help of one of my HK Yahoo Blog Fan, more than a month later, I finally got my set :-D

The finishing of the bearbrick is extremely nice. The metallic blue is fantastic, the clear material on the tummy is very crystal clear and the color combination of the beads in the tummy is very match. How to say...they are all perfectly matches :-)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

13) The Most Amazing Bearbrick(s) Hairy + GID

Series 17, another break-through bearbrick from Medicom - 1/192 Matzu MTP ~

This bearbrick with botanic pattern on top of GID material, then a layer of semi-translucent hair outside the GID material. What a fantastic bearbrick!!! Cool ~ The pattern of Matzu is so familiar that reminds me a 1000% bearbrick from Ryuryu, a massage and relaxation salon in Tokyo.

1000% bearbrick from Ryuryu

When I got Matzu, I cannot help to take pictures with the other similar 100% bearbrick(s).

They are from left to right.

1) Series 17 Secret (1/192) Matzu MTP
- a normal white hairy bearbrick in day light, but a pattern when it's glow in the dark

2) Series 15 Secret (1/192) Nitro
- up to now, the one that I like the most out of all 100% bearbrick, especially the Nitro logo with the fluorescent
orange ink, what a nice combination, when the bearbrick glow in dark, the colors are very nice~

3) 2008 Xmas 2 Pieces Set
- similar production as Matzu, but with additional golden ink to print the nose and texts at the back of the bearbrick outside the hair layer

when they are in the dark ~ they glow
when they are in a normal lighting

Thursday, November 20, 2008

12) Kim Songhe 400% / 100% Be@rbrick

Kim Songhe, a Japan borned Korean designer.

Innovation started from My First B@by, Medicom put materials inside the tummy of 400%. This time is not beads, but many elements (silky flowers, plastic fish, crystal star, golden budda, white feather and plastic fruit).

Each 400% Kim Songhe has its unique elements in its tummy, my friend found out that only 1 kind of fruits appears on each 400%. Up to now, 6 different fruits were found from my firends' collection. They are apple, mandarin, banana, strawberry, cherry and pear. My one is an apple.

To be honest, the final product is not up to the standard I expected. The QC is quite bad, almost each 400% has scratches on the head, and the translucent pink paint is very uneven. If you see the masterpieces of the designer from his/her web page, all are very interesting and the combination of the elements are very nice. Vesus 400% Kim Songhe bearbrick, the elements in the tummy are very plastic, to the certain extend, it looks cheap to me. What I expected is puffy doll or fabric materials and not plastic.

Although I am a bit disappointed, the design of this bearbrick is still very unique and innovative. It's a good item to collect.

400% / 100%
100% with the back card
100% front100% back
400% plastic apple in the tummy400% pink and red silky flowers, golden budda at the back of tummy
400% pink and red silky flowers, green and purple plastic fish in the tummy
400% printed "40" on the left arm
400% translucent pink foot

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

11) All Valentine Bearbrick Set from 2002 to 2008

Started from 2002, Medicom had started to launch Valentine Bearbrick set. I had tried to shoot them all together today and had found that there was no Valentine Bearbrick set in 2003, they had skipped this year. There are 11 pieces 100% in total and 1 50% (I had not included this, as it's not my collection item.)

The best set I like is 2004 Valentine Bearbrick set, as it can smile, brown with chocolate and pink with strawberry. Very interesting~

2002 Valentine Bearbrick Set
Trash2004 Valentine Bearbrick Set
2005 Valentine Bearbrick Set
Hello Kitty
2006 Valentine Bearbrick Set2007 Valentine Bearbrick Set2008 Valentine Bearbrick Set
Happy Valentine

Sunday, October 12, 2008

10) Royalefam ~ Nike Sneaker STBG x Be@rbrick

As my focus is 100%, here you can only see the 100% Royalefam. The bearbrick is according to the design of Nike shoes style. The pattern, the color and the only difference is the gold face of the bearbrick, which is the focal point of the design.

The first time I saw the bearbrick design, I felt a bit scary of its face, like the Egyptian Sphinx. Anyway, overall this is a nice design.

a gold Egyptian Sphinx face and a pair of gold hands~
an Egyptian text on the back~
Royalefam logo on the chest~
nice floral and human face pattern with sharp red color on the sides of the legs~

Saturday, October 11, 2008

9) Kinetics 5th Anniversary x 100%/400% Be@rbrick

This is an outstanding piece for Medicom this year. With good sense of design, different touches of materials! It also makes good use of the clear material to give a see through effect, from the front "peace" icon to the back "atom" icon. And when it's in the dark, it will glow in green. GID bearbrick is always my favorite~

in the dark~
in half dark ~front view~top side view~
back view~
top front view~
see through~back close-up~